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Vyatka (horse)

Vyatka stallion
Country of origin: Soviet Union
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

The Vyatka or Viatka is a breed of horse that has been in danger of extinction for several years. It comes from the former Soviet Union.


The first Vyatka horses originated in the areas around Vyatka and Obva river basins of the former USSR, and are almost certainly a descendant of the Tarpan[dubious ]. The breed has probably been influenced by both the Estonian Klepper and Konik ponies.[1]

Breed characteristics

They are extremely useful and versatile ponies and have stamina, hardiness and endurance. They are used for riding and driving and are commonly used for pulling the traditional troikas; they are also useful for light agricultural work. They have an excellent willing and honest temperament which makes them easy to handle.

In appearance, they have a small head, set onto a strong, thick neck. They are very powerful through the shoulders, deep through the girth and have muscular quarters. Invariably the Vyatka has a luxurious mane and tail, and in winter grows an incredibly thick coat. They are usually chestnut or bay roan, or dun coloured with a dorsal stripe and sometimes zebra markings on the legs. Their height ranges from 13 to 14.2 hands high.


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