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Weatherbys Super Sprint

The Weatherbys Super Sprint is a flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to two-year-old thoroughbreds. It is run at Newbury over a distance of 5 furlongs and 34 yards (1,037 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in July.

The event was established in 1991, and it was initially called the "Newbury Sales Super Sprint Trophy". Its title has been altered several times, and it has included the name of Weatherbys since 1993. It is presently restricted to horses sold as yearlings by public auction for 48,000 guineas or less. The weights carried are determined by the sale price of the horses, with one pound deducted for each 3,000 guineas below 48,000. The minimum weight is 7st 12lb.

The most successful trainer in the Super Sprint is Richard Hannon, who has won the race on seven occasions.


  • Weights given in stones and pounds






1991 Paris House 8-03 John Carroll Jack Berry 1:02.17
1992 Lyric Fantasy 8-11 Michael Roberts Richard Hannon 1:03.22
1993 Risky 8-10 Walter Swinburn Richard Hannon 1:04.06
1994 Brief Glimpse 8-02 Michael Hills David Chappell 1:01.58
1995 Blue Iris 8-01 Willie Carson Michael Jarvis 1:04.22
1996 Miss Stamper 8-02 David Harrison Richard Hannon 1:00.59
1997 Lord Kintyre 8-07 Brett Doyle Rod Millman 1:00.52
1998 Flanders 8-11 Lindsay Charnock Tim Easterby 1:02.96
1999 Don Puccini 8-11 John Stack Bryan Smart 1:01.52
2000 Superstar Leo 8-06 Michael Hills William Haggas 0:59.19
2001 Good Girl 8-05 Michael Roberts Tim Easterby 1:00.86
2002 Presto Vento 8-09 Eddie Ahern Richard Hannon 1:01.14
2003 If Paradise 8-07 Dane O'Neill Richard Hannon 1:01.05
2004 Siena Gold 8-01 Frankie McDonald Brian Meehan 1:01.89
2005 Lady Livius 8-05 Martin Dwyer Richard Hannon 1:01.54
2006 Elhamri 9-04 Declan McDonogh Sylvester Kirk 1:01.32
2007 no race 2007 [1]
2008 Jargelle 8-06 Liam Jones William Haggas 1:02.12
2009 Monsieur Chevalier 8-12 Richard Hughes Richard Hannon 1:02.86

1 The 2007 running was abandoned because of heavy rainfall.


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