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Country of origin: United States
Also bred, but not defined as a separate breed, in the United Kingdom
Breed standards
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Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

Welara ponies are a breed of pony bred from the Arabian horse and the Welsh pony. They are used as mounts for children and small adults, and are known for their good movement and gentle temperament.

Breed Characteristics

They have a fine head set on a muscular and arched neck. The back is short and compact, the hindquarters are powerful, and the shoulders nicely sloping. The legs are hooves are tough and strong. The breed comes in any color except appaloosa and pinto, and typically stand between 11.2 and 14.2 hands high (46 to 58 inches (117 to 147 cm)). They are used mainly for show jumping, but also for dressage, general English riding and Western riding.

The Welara is an American pony breed, with a registry established in 1981. Popular in Southern California, the breed has a longer history, dating to the 1920s, when Lady Wentworth of the Crabbet Arabian Stud in England began breeding her Arabian stallion Skowronek to Welsh pony mares imported from the Coed Coch stud in North Wales.

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