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William Fox-Pitt

Medal record
Olympic Games
Silver 2004 Athens Team eventing
Bronze 2008 Beijing Team eventing
World Championships
Bronze 2002 Jerez Team eventing
European Championships

Gold 1995 Pratoni del Vivaro Team eventing
Gold 1997 Burghley Team eventing
Silver 1997 Burghley Individual eventing
Gold 2001 Pau Team eventing
Gold 2003 Punchestown Team eventing
Gold 2005 Blenheim Team eventing
Silver 2005 Blenheim Individual eventing
File:Pitt Shoulder.JPG
William Fox-Pitt Dressage at Burghley 2009

William Speed Lane Fox-Pitt (born 2 January 1969, Hampstead), known as William Fox-Pitt, is an English equestrian. He has had notable successes at the Burghley, Badminton, Blenheim and Bramham Horse Trials. He first won the British Open Championships at Gatcombe Park in 1995 and his career highlights include an Olympic team Silver Medal at the Summer Olympic Games at Athens in 2004.



Educated at Eton and the University of London, Fox-Pitt began riding at age four, and started eventing at age 15. He was born into an equestrian family, with both parents having ridden around Badminton and Burghley and his siblings having been very successful as well. He holds, with Ginny Elliott and Mark Todd, the record for the most wins (five) at the Burghley Horse Trials;[1] William's victories coming in 1994, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2008. Additional major wins have been at the Badminton Horse Trials in 2004, at Gatcombe Park in 1995, 2000, 2003 and 2005, and team golds in European Championships in 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2005. He also represented Great Britain at the Atlanta, 2004 Athens and Beijing Olympics, winning team silver in Athens and team bronze in Beijing. As of 2006, he was ranked the leading rider in Britain for the sixth year running and 2nd in the world. William is married to Channel 4 Racing presenter Alice Plunkett. They have two sons, Oliver who was born in August 2005 and Thomas, born 15 November 2006. William is a regular columnist in the weekly equestrian magazine, Horse & Hound.

In the Eventing world, one of his best known partnerships is with the horse Tamarillo.

Career highlights

File:William fox pitt idalgo hillside badminton 2009.jpg
William Fox-Pitt and Idalgo at the Hillside during the cross-country phase of Badminton Horse Trials 2009.




  • 1st Blair CCI*** (Macchiato)


  • 1st Hartpary CCI*** (Moon Man)


  • 1st Boekelo Horse Trials CCI*** (Mr. Dumbledore)
  • 1st Gatcombe British Open (Moon Man)
  • Team gold and individual silver at the European Championships (Tamarillo)
  • Winner of the British Eventing Premier League


  • 7th Fontainebleau (Stunning)
  • Team silver at the Athens Olympics (Tamarillo)


  • 5th Le Lion d’Angers (Idalgo)
  • 8th Le Lion d’Angers (Igor de Cluis)
  • 1st Boekelo (Tom Cruise)
  • Team gold and 8th individual European Championships, Punchestown, Ireland (Moon Man)
  • 1st CIC World Cup Qualifier, Thirlestane Castle (Stunning)
  • 1st British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Stunning)
  • 2nd British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Moon Man)
  • 1st British Intermediate Championships, Gatcombe Park (Tom Cruise II)
  • 7th Saumur (Coastal Ties)
  • 1st Chatsworth CIC World Cup Qualifier (Stunning)


  • Team bronze World Equestrian Games, Jerez, Spain (Tamarillo)
  • 4th Boekelo (Stunning)
  • 3rd British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Moon Man)
  • 4th British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Stunning)


  • 5th and Team gold European Champs, Pau, France (Stunning)
  • 4th Bonn Roderberg CCIO (Barclay Square)
  • 4th Saumur (Stunning)


  • 1st British Open Champs, Gatcombe Park (Moon Man)


  • 2nd Achselschwang (Moon Man)


  • Individual silver and Team gold European Open Championships, Burghley (Cosmopolitan II)
  • 2nd Scottish Open Championships, Thirlestane Castle (Cosmopolitan II)


  • 5th Olympic Games Team Competition, Atlanta, USA (Cosmopolitan II)
  • 5th Boekelo (Mostly Mischief)


  • 6th and Team gold European Open Championships, Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy (Cosmopolitan II)
  • 1st British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Chaka)
  • 5th Boekelo (Faerie Diadem)


  • 2nd Scottish Open Championships, Thirlestane Castle (Chaka)
  • 7th Punchestown (Thomastown)
  • 2nd British Open Championships, Gatcombe Park (Chaka)



  • 4th and Team gold Young Rider European Championships (Steadfast)
  • 3rd Young Rider National Championships (Faerie Sovereign)


  • Individual bronze and Team silver Young Rider European Championships, Achselschwang, Germany


  • 4th and Team gold Young Rider European Championships, Zonhoven, Belgium (Steadfast)


  • Individual silver Junior European Championships, Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy (Steadfast)
  • 5th Junior National Championships


  • 8th Junior National Championships 1985


William Fox-Pitt on Idalgo clears the Cottesmore Leap at Burghley Horse Trials, 2006




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