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Winbert F. Mulholland

Winbert F. Mulholland
Occupation Trainer
Birthplace Lexington, Kentucky
Birth date August 27, 1883
Death date July 12, 1968
Career wins 800+
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins

Jamaica Handicap (1936, 1941, 1942)
Flash Stakes (1938)
Sanford Stakes (1938)
Travers Stakes (1939, 1950, 1951, 1962, 1963)
Massachusetts Handicap (1940)
Suburban Handicap (1940, 1941)
Toboggan Handicap (1940, 1941)
Diana Handicap (1941, 1964)
Metropolitan Handicap (1941)
Test Stakes (1943,1966)
Jersey Derby (1944, 1962)
Peter Pan Stakes (1944, 1950)
Wood Memorial Stakes (1944)
Monmouth Handicap (1946)
Narragansett Special (1946)
Acorn Stakes (1948)
Belmont Futurity Stakes (1950, 1957, 1966)
Hopeful Stakes (1950, 1961, 1966)
Saratoga Special Stakes (1950)
Dwyer Stakes (1951)
Withers Stakes (1951, 1962)
New York Handicap (1952)
Matron Stakes (1953)
Schuylerville Stakes (1953)
Spinaway Stakes (1953)
Sorority Stakes (1959)
Bed O' Roses Handicap (1962, 1965)
Delaware Handicap (1962, 1965)
Gotham Stakes (1962)
Lamplighter Stakes (1965)
Saranac Stakes (1967)

American Classic Race wins:
Belmont Stakes (1962)
United States' Racing Hall of Fame (1967)
Significant horses
Battlefield, Eight Thirty, Evening Out, Jaipur,
Lucky Draw, Platter, Stefanita

Winbert F. "Bert" Mulholland (August 27, 1883 - July 12, 1968) was an American Hall of Fame Thoroughbred horse racing trainer.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, the American heartland for Thoroughbred horse breeding, Bert Mulholland began his career in racing as an exercise rider for his uncle, W. C. "Farmer Bill" Scully.

In 1923 Bert Mulholland became a foreman for the George D. Widener, Jr. racing stable. He eventually became Jack Joyner's assistant trainer and in 1933 was made head trainer, a position in which he had considerable success. Racing primarily at tracks on the East Coast of the United States, among his successes he won the 1962 Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the U.S. Triple Crown series, and going into 2010 he holds the record for most number of wins in the prestigious Travers Stakes with five.

Champions trained by Bert Mulholland:

  • Battlefield - American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt (1950)

In 1967, Bert Mulholland was inducted in the United States' U.S. Racing Hall of Fame. A resident of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, he died at age eighty-four in 1968 at Germantown Hospital in Philadelphia.



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