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Windy City Pace

The Windy City Pace is a harness race for 3-year-old Standardbred pacing horses. It has been run annually since 1983 at Maywood Park in Melrose Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

The race was originally run during Maywood's spring meet, but since 1991 the race has been run during the fall meet. In past years, elimination heats were required to determine the finalists for the main race. The race is the top race of a program that also features Mayood's other top stakes, the Abe Lincoln], the Galt, and the Cinderella.

Among the notable runnings of the Windy City was the 1987 race, where Bomb Rickles won the final at odds of 190-1.

Past winners





1983 Trim the Tree Dick Macomber 01:57.10
1984 Carls Bid Carl Allen 01:56.30
1985 Pinocchio Neal Shapiro 01:56:00
1986 Incredible Finale Tom Harmer 01:53.30
1987 Bomb Rickles Neal Shapiro 01:56.20
1988 Wealthy Skipper Walter Paisley 01:55:00
1989 Just the Ticket Lavern Hostetler 01:56.10
1990 Jake and Elwood Herve Filion 01:57.20
1991 Precious Bunny Jack Moiseyev 01:57:00
1992 Western Hanover Bill Fahy 01:55:00
1993 Presidential Ball Jack Moiseyev 01:54.20
1994 Pacific Rocket Jack Moiseyev 01:53:00
1995 Village Connection Paul MacDonell 01:53.40
1996 Oye Vay Doug Brown 01:54.10
1997 Arturo Dave Palone 01:54.20
1998 Take Down the Flag Paul MacDonell 01:53.30
1999 Looking for Art Eric Ledford 01:54.20
2000 Camotion Dale Hiteman 01:51.40
2001 Rattle & Rock Ryan Anderson 01:51.40
2002 Three Olives John Campbell 01:52.40
2003 Allamerican Captor Luc Ouellette 01:52.20
2004 Western Terror Brian Sears 01:53.40
2005 Thin Blue Line Michael Oosting 01:52.30
2006 Jereme’s Jet Dave Magee 01:52.20
2007 Booze Cruzin Sam Widger 01:51.30
2008 Shadow Play David Miller 01:50.40



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