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Wintec are an Australian saddle manufacturer - the manufacturer of the first synthetic saddles.[1][2].

The company is a subsidiary of Bates Australia, originally established in 1934,[3] and are known for their innovative approach to saddle manufacturing,[2] in particular the synthetic "Wintec"[4]. For comfort, these saddles have two innovative features: the CAIR Panel System, and the Easy Change Gullet System[5].


Gullet System

The EASY CHANGE Gullet System was designed in 1998 to help custom fit a saddle to a horse’s withers [6] and help maintain a good saddle fit [7]. As horses constantly change shape the ability to change gullets allows the saddle to maintain clearance of the wither according to the horse’s shape.

Panel System

The CAIR Panel System, an air filled panel, was developed in 2000 as an alternative to the traditional flocking in saddles [5]. Flocking often becomes compacted, restricting the horses in their movements and often causing damage through pressure points. Air being a fluid medium helps to evenly distribute the rider’s weight across the length of the panel[8][9]. CAIR offers excellent comfort for the horse as it conforms to the horse's movements and posture [7]


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