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Winter Bumper

The Winter Bumper is a Grade 2 National Hunt flat race in Great Britain which is open to horses aged four to six years. It is run at Newbury over a distance of about 2 miles and 110 yards (3,319 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in February.

The first version of the race was established in 1996, and it was given Grade 2 status in 2002. The present title was introduced ahead of the planned running in 2009, but this race was cancelled because of snow. Prior to this it was known by various titles, usually the name of a sponsor appended with "Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race".

The event serves as a trial for the Champion Bumper in March, although no horse has ever achieved victory in both races. However, the winner of the latter event in 1999, Monsignor, had earlier finished fourth in this race.


  • Amateur jockeys indicated by "Mr", "Miss" etc.






1996 Andanito 5 Jamie Osborne Lady Herries
1997 Mr Markham 5 Philip Hide Josh Gifford
1998 Frantic Tan 6 Martin Keighley Nigel Twiston-Davies
1999 Golden Alpha 5 Tony McCoy Martin Pipe
2000 Patriarch 4 Norman Williamson Mark Pitman
2001 Redde 6 Brian Crowley Jack Smith
2002 Iris's Gift 5 Ben Hitchcott Jonjo O'Neill
2003 Cornish Rebel 6 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls
2004 Secret Ploy 4 Timmy Murphy Hughie Morrison
2005 Karanja 6 Miss Nina Carberry Victor Dartnall
2006 no race 2006 [1]
2007 Crocodiles Rock 5 Tony McCoy Jonjo O'Neill
2008 Mad Max 6 Mick Fitzgerald Nicky Henderson
2009 no race 2009 [2]
2010 Al Ferof 5 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls

1 The race was abandoned in 2006 due to frost.
2 The 2009 running was cancelled because of snow.


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