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Woodlawn Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the James W. Murphy Stakes, an American stakes race for three year-olds at one mile on the turf held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.[1]

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Beau Choix Manhattan Fox Cat Park 8
2009 Affirmatif Lonely Whistle Hero's Image n/a
2008 Termsofengagement M J's Enchanteur Malibu kid n/a
2007 Rebel Yeller Encaustic Brahms Melody n/a
2006 Rock Lobster Extra Blend Unbridled Behavior n/a
2005 English Channel United Holy Ground n/a
2004 Artie Schiller Lipan Timo n/a
2003 Gang Sigint Breanna's Smile n/a
2002 Mr. O'Brien Regal Sanction February Storm n/a
2001 Unaccountedlea Ronnie's Hot Rod What's Your Wish n/a
2000 Blaze and Blues Dixie Run Lightning Paces n/a
1999 Holditholditholdit Pettit's Quest Hush Itsa Secret n/a
1998 Poolman Mister Business East of Easy n/a
1997 Two Smart Fearless Play De Casperis n/a
1996 Allied Forces Optic Nerve Currency Arbitrage n/a
1995 Ops Smile Hold What You Got Count de Monnaie n/a
1994 Honorable Flight Takeitlikeaman Electric Image n/a
1993 P. J. Higgins Raglan Road Logroller n/a
1992 Binary Light Dash for Dotty Western Miner n/a
1991 Link Valley Crossing Futurist n/a
1990 Baron de Vaux Highland Devotion Libor n/a
1989 Pulverizing Ligature Buck Leader n/a
1988 Freezees Russian Diplomacy Gospel Note n/a
1987 Phantom Jet Green Book Irish Bear n/a
1986 # Tropical Whip Ivybridge Rock Crystal n/a
1986 # Fork Union Cadet Miracle Wood Kalli n/a
1985 # Tent Up Knighthood Chimichanga n/a
1985 # Rappashod Forward Observer Bea Quality n/a
1984 Nagurski D. White Light Spirits n/a
1983 Disarco's Rib Now's the Time Austin C. n/a
1982 Give Me Strength Count Disco A Magic Spray n/a
1981 # Thirty Eight Paces Michael's Lad Sanguine Sword n/a
1981 # Timely Counsel Able To Boston Tea n/a
1980 Blue Ensign Knight Landing Lively King n/a
1979 Smarten Durham Ranger Buck's Chief n/a
1978 Iron Legend Horatius Scotchman n/a
1977 Important Reason Counter Punch Iron Constitution n/a
1976 Impeccable End Table Strawberry Landing n/a
1975 # Dancing Champ Dr's Enjoy Dollars Galley Ho n/a
1975 # Naturally Bold Talc Wicked Park n/a
1974 # Neapolitan Way Jato Ribot Ground Breaker n/a
1974 # Conesba Cast in Bronze Talkative Turn n/a
1973 # Roman Numerals Bold Nix Silver Doctor n/a
1973 # London Company Quill's Boy Shane's Prince n/a
1972 Dubassoff Lucky Bidder The Badger n/a
1971 # Lord Hussar Chateauvira Warino n/a
1971 # Bold Statement Sense a Fear Seminole Joe n/a
1970 Needle's Noose Oh Fudge Pass the Drink n/a
1969 # Greengrass Greene Versifier Native Scout n/a
1969 # Spring Morn Teetotum Symona II n/a
1968 # Mara Lark Tough Sledding St. Jude II n/a
1968 # Hand to Hand Go Marching Sir Beau n/a
1967 Top Bid Charles Elliott Celtic Air n/a
1966 Exhibitionist Green Felt Greek Jab n/a

A # indicates that the race was run in two divisions. The years in which two divisions were run include: 1986, 1985, 1981, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1971, 1969 and 1968.


  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 458 on June 26, 2008.


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