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World Arabian Horse Association

The World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) is the world organization for the preservation, improvement and preservation of Arabian horses. WAHO grants membership to nations after examination of national breeding stud books, and review of regulations for each country.

WAHO Member Nations

22x20px Egypt Egyptian Agricultural Organization
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Office National De Developpement Des Elevages Equinss (O.N.D.E.E.)
22x20px Argentina Stud Book Argentino
22x20px Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Arabian Horses Club
22x20px Australia The Arabian Horse Society of Australia, Ltd.
22x20px Bahrain Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
22x20px Belgium Belgisch Arabisch Paardenstamboek
22x20px Belize Belize Arabian Stud Book
22x20px Brazil
22x20px Paraguay
22x20px Bolivia
Associacao Brasileira Dos Criadores Do Cavalo Arabe
22x20px Bulgaria Executive Agency for Selection & Reproduction in Animal Breeding
22x20px Chile
22x20px Peru
Sociedad de Fomento Agricola de Temuco
22x20px Denmark Dansk Selskab for Arabisk Hesteavl
22x20px Germany
22x20px Luxembourg
Association of Breeders and Friends of the Arabian Horse
(Verband der Züchter und Freunde des Arabischen Pferdes]]) (VZAP)
22x20px Finland Finnish Arab Horse Society
22x20px France Stud Book Francais du Cheval Arabe
22x20px United Kingdom
22x20px Ireland
22x20px Malta
22x20px Greece
The Arab Horse Society
22x20px Iraq Registrar, Iraqi Arabian Horse Organization
22x20px Iran Equestrian Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran
22x20px Israel Israel Arab Horse Registry
22x20px Italy Associazione Nazionale Italiana Cavallo Arabo (ANICA)
22x20px Jordan Registrar Royal Jordanian Stud Book Authority
22x20px Canada Canadian Arabian Horse Registry
22x20px Kazakhstan Arabian Horse Society of Kazakhstan
22x20px Qatar Qatar Arabian Horse Registry
22x20px Colombia Asociación Colombiana de Criadores de Caballos Arabes
22x20px Kuwait Kuwait Arabian Horse Registry, Hunting & Equestrian Club
22x20px Lebanon S.P.A.R.C.A.
22x20px Libya Libyan Arabian Horse Breeders Society
22x20px Lithuania Lithuanian Horse Breeders Association
22x20px Morocco Ministere de l'Agriculture; Direction De L'Elevage
22x20px Namibia Arab Horse Breeders Society of Namibia
22x20px New Zealand New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society Inc.
22x20px Netherlands Arabische VolboedpaardenStamboek in Nederland
22x20px Norway Norwegian Arab Horse Society
22x20px Austria Verband der Vollblutaraber-Züchter Österreich
22x20px Oman The Royal Cavalry
22x20px Pakistan Pakistan Arabian Horse Society
22x20px Poland Polish Arabian Stud Book (PASB)
22x20px Portugal Associacao Portuguesa de Criadores de Racas Selectas
22x20px Romania Romsilva Dept. of Horse Breeding, Exploitation & Improvement (DHBEA) Bd.
22x20px Russia Russian Arabian Stud Book, All-Russia Research Institute of Horse Breeding
22x20px Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center
22x20px Sweden Swedish Arab Horse Registry (SAHR)
17px Switzerland Schweizer Zuchtgenossenschaft fuer Arabische Pferde (SZAP)
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Arab Horse Society of Zimbabwe
22x20px Slovakia Narodny Zrebcin Topolcianky
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Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority
22x20px Spain Fondo de Explotacion de los Servicios de Cria Caballar y Remonta (FESCCR)
22x20px South Africa The Arab Horse Society of South Africa
22x20px Syria Arabian Horse Office, Ministry of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform (MAAR)
22x20px Czech Republic Purebred Arabian Horse Association – ACHPAK
22x20px Tunisia Association Fondation Nationale D'Amelioration
22x20px Turkey Turkish Arabian Horse Registry
22x20px Hungary Society of Hungarian Arabian Horse Breeders
22x20px Uruguay Sociedad Criadores de Caballos Arabes
22x20px Venezuela ASOARABE
22x20px United Arab Emirates Emirates Arabian Horse Society
22x20px United States
22x20px Mexico
22x20px Panama
Arabian Horse Association
Purebred Arabian Horse Trust

Candidates for membership

Candidates for WAHO membership

22x20px Ecuador Associacion de Criadores de Caballos Arabes del Ecuador (ACCAE)
22x20px Estonia Arab Horse Stud Book
22x20px Japan Japan Race Horse Registry
22x20px Croatia Croatian Livestock Centre
Department for Horse Breeding
22x20px Cuba Comandante de la Revolucion
22x20px Panama Panama Arabian Stud Book Authority
bisher bei den USA

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