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World Hurdle

Grade 1 race
World Hurdle
Location Cheltenham Racecourse
Cheltenham, England
Race type Hurdle race
Sponsor Ladbrokes
Website Cheltenham
Race information
Distance 3 miles (4,828 metres)
Track Turf, left-handed
Qualification Four-years-old and up
Weight 11 st 1 lb (4yo);
11 st 10 lb (5yo+)
7 lb for fillies and mares
Purse £260,000 (2010)
1st: £148,226

The World Hurdle is a Grade 1 National Hunt hurdle race in Great Britain which is open to horses aged four years or older. It is run on the New Course at Cheltenham over a distance of about 3 miles (4,828 metres), and during its running there are twelve hurdles to be jumped. The race is scheduled to take place each year during the Cheltenham Festival in March.

It is the leading long-distance hurdle event in the National Hunt calendar, and it is the feature race on the third day of the Festival.



The present version of the event was introduced in 1972, when it replaced a previous race, the Spa Hurdle. It was initially known as the Stayers' Hurdle, and in its early years it was sponsored by Lloyds Bank. It was backed by Waterford Crystal from 1978 to 1990, and by Bonusprint from 1991 to 2004. The race used to be held on either the Tuesday or the Wednesday of the Festival, but it was moved to the Thursday in 1993. It was formerly contested on Cheltenham's Old Course, where its distance was 3 miles and 1 furlong.

The title of the race was changed to the World Hurdle when Ladbrokes took over the sponsorship in 2005.


Most successful horse since 1972 (3 wins):

Leading jockey since 1972 (2 wins):

  • Tommy Carberry – Brown Lad (1975), Town Ship (1977)
  • Stuart Shilston – Crimson Embers (1982, 1986)
  • Tommy Carmody – Galmoy (1987, 1988)
  • Charlie SwanTrapper John (1990), Shuil Ar Aghaidh (1993)
  • Mark Perrett – King's Curate (1991), Balasani (1994)
  • Jamie Osborne – Nomadic Way (1992), Karshi (1997)
  • Thierry Doumen – Baracouda (2002, 2003)

Leading trainer since 1972 (3 wins):

  • Fulke WalwynCrimson Embers (1982, 1986), Rose Ravine (1985)
  • Howard Johnson – Inglis Drever (2005, 2007, 2008)

Leading owner since 1972 (3 wins):

  • Sally Smart – Crimson Embers (1982, 1986), Rose Ravine (1985)
  • Andrea & Graham Wylie – Inglis Drever (2005, 2007, 2008)

Winners since 1972

  • Amateur jockeys indicated by "Mr".







1972 Parlour Moor 8 Macer Gifford Harry Thomson Jones Charlotte Monkton
1973 Moyne Royal 8 David Mould Arthur Pitt E. Cook
1974 Highland Abbe 8 Richard Smith Les Kennard Mrs K. Hankey
1975 Brown Lad 9 Tommy Carberry Jim Dreaper Mrs Peter Burrell
1976 Bit of a Jig 8 Dessie Hughes Mick O'Toole Mrs Mick O'Toole
1977 Town Ship 6 Tommy Carberry Peter Easterby Pat Muldoon
1978 Flame Gun 6 Mr Niall Madden Edward O'Grady Mary Kenny
1979 Lighter 6 Philip Blacker John Edwards G. Smith
1980 Mountrivers 6 Tommy Ryan Edward O'Grady B. Burser
1981 Derring Rose 6 John Francome Fred Winter Peter Savill
1982 Crimson Embers 7 Stuart Shilston Fulke Walwyn Sally Smart
1983 A Kinsman 7 Geordie Dun John Brockbank Mrs John Brockbank
1984 Gaye Chance 9 Sam Morshead Mercy Rimell Mary Curtis
1985 Rose Ravine 6 Ricky Pusey Fulke Walwyn Sally Smart
1986 Crimson Embers 11 Stuart Shilston Fulke Walwyn Sally Smart
1987 Galmoy 8 Tommy Carmody John Mulhern Miss D. Threadwell
1988 Galmoy 9 Tommy Carmody John Mulhern Miss D. Threadwell
1989 Rustle 7 Michael Bowlby Nicky Henderson Robert Waley-Cohen
1990 Trapper John 6 Charlie Swan Mouse Morris Jill Fanning
1991 King's Curate 7 Mark Perrett Stan Mellor C. J. Ells
1992 Nomadic Way 7 Jamie Osborne Barry Hills Robert Sangster
1993 Shuil Ar Aghaidh 7 Charlie Swan Paddy Kiely Mrs Paddy Kiely
1994 Balasani [1] 8 Mark Perrett Martin Pipe Mark Smith
1995 Dorans Pride 6 Shane Broderick Michael Hourigan Tom Doran
1996 Cyborgo 6 David Bridgwater Martin Pipe County Stores Ltd
1997 Karshi 7 Jamie Osborne Henrietta Knight 3rd Baron Vestey
1998 Princeful 7 Rodney Farrant Jenny Pitman Robert Hitchins
1999 Anzum 8 Richard Johnson David Nicholson Old Foresters Partnership
2000 Bacchanal 6 Mick Fitzgerald Nicky Henderson Lady Lloyd-Webber
2001 no race 2001 [2]
2002 Baracouda 7 Thierry Doumen François Doumen J. P. McManus
2003 Baracouda 8 Thierry Doumen François Doumen J. P. McManus
2004 Iris's Gift 7 Barry Geraghty Jonjo O'Neill Robert Lester
2005 Inglis Drever 6 Graham Lee Howard Johnson Andrea & Graham Wylie
2006 My Way de Solzen 6 Robert Thornton Alan King Winfield, Longman et al.
2007 Inglis Drever 8 Paddy Brennan Howard Johnson Andrea & Graham Wylie
2008 Inglis Drever 9 Denis O'Regan Howard Johnson Andrea & Graham Wylie
2009 Big Buck's 6 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Stewart Family
2010 Big Buck's 7 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Stewart Family

1 Avro Anson finished first in 1994, but he was relegated to second place for causing interference.
2 The 2001 running was cancelled because of a foot-and-mouth crisis.


  • Ladbrokes Pocket Companion 1990/91. Aesculus Press. 1990. p. 57. ISBN 1-871093-21-X. 

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