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File:Zuljanaha Hallaur.jpg
Zuljanah decorated by Shiites in Hallaur, India to be taken out in Ashura procession

Dhuljanah (Template:Lang-ar) was the horse of Husayn ibn Ali. The original name of Zuljanah was Murtajiz.The reason for naming the horse as "Murtajiz" because of his sound of neighing was very loud,thunderous and sweet which was different from other horses.He was purchased by Muhammad from an Arab named Haris. It features prominently in the traditional retelling of the story of the Battle of Karbala. It is thought to have been a white stallion.


Legend of Dhuljanah

According to the legend, when Imam Husain ibn Ali was a mere child and learning to crawl, he used to go frequently to the stable of Zuljanah and look at him. Once Prophet Mohammad said that his grandson was looking curiously at the horse as if some mysterious conversation was taking place, so he asked the child if he wished to ride the horse. On being answered that he did, Mohammad ordered the horse saddled. When Husain ibn Ali approached the horse, however, the horse suddenly lowered itself to the ground to allow the boy to mount him.

Role of Dhuljanah in Battle of Karbala

In the battle of Karbala, Husain ibn Ali used this horse and went to the battle field. According to Shia's belief, Zuljanah alone killed 60 enemies of Husain ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala. It is also believed that Zuljanah wept in the sorrow of Imam Husain ibn Ali's martyrdom, weeping a single tear. After the martyrdom of Husain ibn Ali, Zuljanah went to the camps of Syedah Zaynab bint Ali and then he went to the Euphrates river never to be found again.

Present day Remembrance of Dhuljanah

The practice of taking out the replica of Dhuljanah is still prevalent in processions during Moharram. Shiites in countries like India, Pakistan, Iraq and others decorate a replica of Dhuljanah and take along with them in azadari procession. This replica of Dhuljanah reminds them of Imam al Husain ibn Ali's real horse. People often feed the Dhuljanah with their own hands.

It is said " Dhuljanah(Zuljanah) was a blessed horse sent from heaven". Dhuljanah is a revered horse as it is believed that Prophet Mohammad himself use to ride this white stallion horse.

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